2012 most influential personalities

Frans Indongo
 Indongo  added Ritters Toyota car dealership to his chain of businesses.His move in the automobile industry is fast building the Indongo empire into a multifeceted institution.
The Indongo Group has accrued wealth of over N$ 100million from various business interests which include properties and car dealership. The figure is cumilative of all his the businesses in the country.

Frans Ndoroma
Reviving the Leo Namibia deal has demonstrated Ndoroma’s influence in decision making. His position as chairman of Indongo board as well as being board member of Cran Namibia gives him considerable persuasion power.He has seen the Telecom becoming one of the few parastatals that have comprehensive balance sheets.

Sven Thieme
The O & L Group of Companies solidified its position under Sven Thieme by investing in various industries predominantly in Namibia.  
From beer brewing, soft-drink production and milk value-adding products such as yoghurt or fermented and cultured products, processed meat, fishing and processing thereof into value-added products, retail with supermarkets, property development and management, steel manufacturing and ship repair and last but not least, in leisure being restaurants and hotels, the position of Thieme has enabled him to call the shots in a lot of sectors in the country.

O & L has operations in South Africa through its joint venture with Diageo and Heineken. Its products are, however, available throughout the world especially the Windhoek Lager which is distributed and marketed through third party agencies.
The same applies to its fish products which are sold predominantly in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.
Its dairy range is also expanding rapidly especially into Angola and Zambia, for much of the year.

Monika Kalondo
Monica Kalondo has earned considerable influence as MD of the Stimulus Group,  through which she managed to acquire One Africa Televison and Namibia’s biggest media empire, theDMH group.
DMH runs the biggest printing press in Namibia,  Namprint which  prints all local newspapers.
 She should also be commended for increasing the asset base of the Stimulus group from a mere N$120million  to the tune of N$410million and  keeps spreading her influence in the Namibian business set up as she closes the year currently sitting on a cool N$166 million in potential investments in the future.
She serves as a Non-Executive Director of Bannerman Mining Resources (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd and has been a member of the President’s Economic Advisory Council and Deputy Chairperson of the Public officer-Bearer’s Commission.
She deserves to be the youngest laureate in The Villager Hall of Fame 2012.

Petrus Damaseb
As Judge President Damaseb whose job is to uphold the constitution has kept the judiciary in the country  unquestionable.
Damaseb sat on several high profile cases in the country within the course of the year making him one of the most respected judges in the country.

Quinton Van Rooyen
His company, Trustco Group with branches in South Africa, has pushed Van Rooyen a few notches up giving him a substantial amount of influence in both the corporate and the media fraternities.
He runs a flourishing educational programme that links with the civil service and was also involved in the multi million dollar deal with Zimbabwe’s Econet Wireless making him one of the highest earners in the country.

Frans Kapofi
The Secretary to Cabinet has played a key role between parastatals and government. He holds both political and business influence in the public and private sector.
Kapofi is also the nerve for a lot of changes in the day to day running of most influential people n Namibia.
In some sort, together with the Prime Minister, Kapofi’s functions grew wider especially from the entire civil service.

Mpumzi Pupuma
Not only is the Standard Bank Namibia Managing Director likeable, he is authoritatively influential. In 2012, in a banking environment which seemed to shun exparts, Mpumzi has managed to break new ground and distort any labelling of South Africans running an institute in Namibia.  

John Savva
Linked to big political names, and driving major property developments such as the Venus Group business portfolio in Walvis Bay which include hotels at the coast makes Savva a man to reckon with. Much of what he says goes in Erongo.

Tim Ekandjo
From hitting the  two million subscribers mark this year to making everything Namibian sky blue, Tim Ekandjo is indeed the youngest in charge.
MTC’s Chief Human Capital Manager and Corporate Affairs has been instrumental in most every deal sealed in Namibia. He is present in sports where MTC puts the biggest amount of money, in fashion, arts and education. He was appointed patron of Centre for Cooperative Education (CCE) and is the President of the human resource, Institute of People Management (IPM).
He was appointed board member of Air Namibia, amidst other key positions.

Johannes Gawaxab
Board Chairman of Namibia’s oil and energy parastatal NamCor and MD of Old Mutual Africa, Johannes Gawaxab mantained his position as the grand daddy of the Namibian economy. Small wonder when Hage Geingob got the node to run Swapo, Gawaxab became an automatic Minister of Finance, in waiting.
Fresh from constructing Namibia’s state of the art tower in the heart of the city in 2011, Old Mutual this year began its territorial expansion by breaking ground for another multi-million dollar complex in Keetmanshoop.
His belief in local empowerment and endorsement of affirmative laws has given him the power and the influence.

Martha Imalwa
Prosecutor General, finally concluded the Caprivi case, and will go on the records as the woman who finally saw the case that had taken 11 years to be concluded. The Caprivi case remains the longest case ever adjudicated in the Namibia judicial history.

Saara Kuungongelwa-Amadhila
As Finance Minister, every knee bows at her feet. And she has had her fair amount of enemies for being astute but still her influence is greater across the public and private sector.

Mihe Goamab II
Standing alongside Hage Geingob in stalling the Walmart deal which could have seen hundreds of people losing their jobs brightened the stars for Mihe. His influence grew steadily.