Ngurare offered me N$20 000 . . . to shut down Facebook page, says Harvard law student

A Namibian Harvard law student, Fillemon Shikomba, yesterday said the Swapo Party Youth League secretary-general, Elijah Ngurare, offered to hand him a N$20 000 bribe to shut down a Facebook page.
According to Shikomba, Ngurare told him he had been promised a ministerial post by Jerry Ekandjo if he had won the Swapo Party vice presidency.
Ekandjo, who had been nominated by Ngurare, lost to Hage Geingob over the weekend.
The Facebook page Ngurare wanted Shikomba to shut down was an alternative SPYL page created when Job Amupanda, the SPYL information and mobilisation secretary blocked hundreds of youths from the youth league’s page calling them Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) supporters.
Amupanda’s action came after a number of youths had criticised him over his claims that there had been an assassination attempt on Ekandjo’s life following an accident involving the minister’s car.
Shikomba, who first put up his message on The Villager newspaper twitter page on Friday tweeted, “HYPERLINK “”@thevillagernam I was offered (a) bribe by Elijah Ngurare to destroy a facebook SPYL page . . . where people give true opinions.”
When contacted yesterday afternoon, the US-based Shikomba, who was in Russia attending an advisory forum for Namibian students in the Russian Federation, confirmed his tweet.
The message chat shows that Ngurare wrote to Shikongo on Tuesday 27 November at 6:13pm.
“Comrade Fillemon Shikomba. The congress is around the corner and I want you to play along here. Do me a favor and delete your facebook (sic) SPYL page and suspend your account for a while, I intend to get a ministerial post from Jerry Ekandjo, that is why I am fueling his campaign. Please accept my offer of N$20 000 and a healthy post in future.
“That is only if you agree to play along. I promise to give you better than that. Your group/page has a lot of freedom which enables people to go to forbiden (sic) corners. The Presindent (sic) had already spoken against us and you know the implication of that,” Shikomba said Ngurare wrote to him.
Shikomba also claimed that Job threatened to kill him after he had created the alternative SPYL page; “I challenged Job that he cannot, all of a sudden, say the Jerry Ekandjo’s car accident is an assassination attempt. That is creating lies. He labelled that the entire SPYL is after that reasoning and I objected him. He then blocked me after threatening to kill me. He was at Unam and Poly looking for me. He warned me to watch my back if I come to Namibia.”
“I created a SPYL page because I was removed from that page together with a lot of others being labelled as RDP. I then created that page in about four weeks ago obtaining about 4175 followers. We believe that our opinions are very resourceful and have a right to flow,” Shikomba added.
Amupanda yesterday refuted Shikomba’s claims in a text message, saying he could be one of the people who want to get into newspapers using his name: “I don’t know that person and I have not met him. I hear that he has been saying a lot of things about me on facebook. Those are people using my name to make it in newspapers. If a person has made such serious threats, I suggest that he reports such to the police.”
Ngurare did not respond to a text message sent yesterday asking about the veracity of the claims.