Are our Wambo men born abusive?

almost 90% of the 32 passion killings reported in Namibia took place in the north or were committed elsewhere by people from the north.
Of the 18 murder cases Style quoted last week, 11 were committed either in the north or by people who hail from that part of the country.
The Villager Style finds out why most Wambo men resort to killing their girlfriends and in some cases others also take their lives.
Speaking in his capacity as a concerned ordinary citizen, Joseph Shimweelao Shikongo, NamPol deputy commissioner general operations attributed this to the emotional fragility of most boys from north.
“Most of these young boys that come from the rural places come to the urban towns and get involved with girls for materialistic reasons,” he said.
Shikongo further said when the girls dump the boys, they end up being killed. In most cases, he added, the boys too opt to take their own lives.
A Unam economic student, Mamiki Aily Nangolo, said Wambo men are raised with the belief that they are always right.
“Our Wambo men are raised to believe that they may never allow a woman to tell them what to do.
“They are also taught that a woman needs to be disciplined physically or verbally and yes some women even believe that if your man beats you, he loves you a lot,” she explained adding that it is such mentality that has left so many women six feet underground.
She then also added that in the case of the young woman that has been murdered because of material reasons would most probably be the obvious reason as they move from their rural life and come to the city where there is all this pressure of looks, and all other factors of fitting in.
Local actor Armas Shivute said it would appear as if wamboes are killing each other most but it is because of the fact that they are the majority.
“That is like you saying why the South African economy looks better than Namibia’s. The population plays a role. How many Wamboes are in Windhoek? Yes more than people from others parts,” he asked.
Polytechnic of Namibia media lecturer, Bertha Amakali was cautious in her response when asked about this, “The north is a geographic area. Not all residents who live there are from the same tribe although the majority speak the same language.
“It is dangerous to assume that people killing others in what is called passion killing are all Oshiwambo speaking. The tribe is immaterial, it is the problem that needs to be addressed to curb passion killing everywhere in Namibia.”