Musheko is Windhoek Lager ambassador

namibia Breweries Limited’s Windhoek Lager Ambassador Initiative is ending its second month and community entries had been flooding in during the month of November.  
Amongst the entries was also one nominated by Tuyakula Musheko, an aspiring entrepreneur and philanthropist, and she was chosen as People’s judge for the month of November on Monday at the NBL Head Office.  
Musheko said that she had read about the initiative in the newspaper several times and always told herself that she would enter the few people she thought were pretty awesome in the different categories.  
She added: “I never got the chance to fill in the newspaper version but I stumbled upon the link to the website one day and decided not to procrastinate any longer and nominated.”
Musheko feels that the Windhoek Lager Ambassador initiative is a great one as it helps all Namibians recognize and give back to those that work hard and give back themselves.
I am sure their experiences inspire the average person in some or other way whether it is to give back or to work harder, especially when one is at the verge of giving up.  The WLA initiative is definitely a great platform to share inspiring life experiences and achievements.”  
She concluded by saying: “I hope for more awareness of the great work that the different nominees have done and that people from all walks of life will take a page from their experience and apply it to their own lives.”