ManÔÇÖs loses 13 teeth in brawl

a man who was shot in the mouth by a security guard at a bar in Otjimuise on 25 May 2007, lost 13 teeth, ended up with holes in both cheeks and his tongue was damaged, causing slurred speech.
Lukas Mungandjera and a friend got caught up in a brawl that fateful night. In an attempt to stop his drinking buddy, Petrus Soroseb, from hitting a woman they had got into an argument with, Mungandjera met his misfortune. Soroseb who was working as a security guard at the time, according to court documents, sprayed tear-gas at Mungandjera and another friend with whom they were.
Mungandjera and his friend whom he has since only identified as “Shapwa”, began to run away from the security guard; that is when he pulled a gun and started shooting at them.
Although Shapwa got away, Mungandjera stopped and then put his hands up in the air in surrender, facing away from the man pointing the gun at him. His next memory is only for when he woke up in the hospital where he had spent two months recovering.
Soroseb would then be charged with attempted murder but is currently out on bail. The case is on trial at the Katutura Magistrate Court where they appeared this week. The trial continues on 1st March next year.