Pohamba tells SPYL ÔÇÿI run this partyÔÇÖ

Shortly after President Hifikepunye Pohamba had undressed Swapo Youth League Secretary Elijah Ngurare in the Central Committee on Saturday for disrespecting party authority, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Petrus Iilonga and Omusati party regional Coordinator Eugenius Endjala had a heated argument over preferential treatment of candidates as the CC meeting heated up.
Pohamba warned the Youth League that they are not running the party, castigating them for organising a star rally in Katutura for aspirant, Jerry Ekandjo on the same day that the CC was sitting.
“I am in charge here. Wait until I am not in charge. What anarchy is this? Defying the highest structure of the party in this manner,” Pohamba retorted in an attack that also targeted Ekandjo.
It became apparent that the Ekandjo rally was organised without the advice and input from Khomas regional coordinator.
While Ngurare’s phone was unreachable yesterday late afternoon, Iilonga said could neither confirm nor deny that he had a standoff with Endjala when he voiced his concern over discrimination seemingly by the President.
Iilonga complained that they are ‘being castigated for holding a star rally while nothing is being said about those using Government planes to campaign’, a statement which incensed Geingob architect Endjala.
“That was utter rubbish,” Endjala told The Villager yesterday, a day after their heated disagreement in the Central Committee.
“Iilonga knows that the race is becoming one-sided and for him to blame The President on such things is nonsensical. Honestly, how can someone say were ‘flying around’, yet it was a campaign.
“They claim to be treated unfairly and that’s the unfair part of it. That is the reason I decided to challenge him, right in front of everyone, the President included,” Endjala said.
But in an apparent u-turn, Iilonga castigated those that are putting him in Ekandjo’s camp.
“First of all, who is Endjala by the way? I will not discuss the CC deliberations with the press but I can tell you that I am not supporting any individual in this race.
“Individuals come and go. I remain a Swapo supporter and will back the person who is going to come out on top.  I don’t have any camp,” he said, distancing himself from the Ekandjo camp he had been earlier placed into.
“On the issue of my complaint that nothing is being done to those that are flying around, you cannot say it is nonsense. Are they not flying? Are they not flying? Something must be said to that effect also,” he said referring to the Geingob who chartered a Government jet last week to campaign in the East.