Laundry room with a purpose

Jarno Pandeni created his business - The Laundry Room - three months ago with the aim to not only make profit but to equally uplift the local underprivileged communities.
The business, situated in Windhoek West, Schweitzer Street, currently has five employees. Furthermore, it endeavours to be unique and keep clients hooked by offering free pickup and delivery services to them.
Pandeni says; “Being a young entrepreneur, I saw a gap in the laundry business and reckoned it could be lucrative so I ventured into it. However, I did not want to go for the conventional laundry room but wanted to rather be a business that would be beneficial for clients and the community at large.”
The Laundry Room, which is a typical washing and ironing of clients’ clothes kind of business exclusive of the pickups and deliveries, also launched the Teddy Bear Project last week.
 “My family has always had a passion for helping little children; it was essentially my late father’s passion. Although my dad could not manage to properly set up the initiative while he was still alive, I took it upon myself to launch it via my business,” Pandeni adds.
The Teddy Bear Project, which will be run by a different committee from the laundry business, is a social investment initiative that will benefit shelters.
The initiative is to use a certain percentage of its monthly profits to help a chosen shelter for a period of six months.
As pointed out by its brainchild, Pandeni, the project will, depending  on the needs of the chosen shelter, either renovate it, build for it a creative playground, or cater to any other tangible need the project can offer. After that period, the committee will have to choose a different shelter so as to empower as many shelters as it can.
Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies (O&L) executive chairman, Sven Thieme, as the patron of the initiative, applauds the project’s efforts. He notes, it seeks to give back to communities by offering more than professional laundry services but by also investing in them on a monthly basis. Hence, Thieme pledges to support The Laundry Room as a whole through coaching and mentorship programmes.
The initiative’s stewards include Radio Energy 100’s Jossy Joss and Ruby as well as Fresh FM’s Maria Nepembe.