Telecom rewards Johanna Benson for achievement

Telecom Namibia has awarded the 2012 Paralympic Gold and Silver medalist, Johanna Benson, with a laptop and a 24-month free broadband Speedlink connection, valued at N$25 000 for her achievements.
This gesture was made at a Telecom-sponsored Namibian Businesswomen Projects’ year-end breakfast Benson had attended in Windhoek last Friday.
On Benson’s bestowal, Telecom Namibia’s head of marketing, Amanda Hauuanga, said the gift would enable the sprinting sensation “to keep in touch with families, friends and fans around the world.”
Telecom’s senior manager for corporate communications and public relations, Oiva Angula, extended the company’s congratulations to the athlete who was the guest of honour at the event; “On behalf of Telecom Namibia, we extend hearty congratulations to Johanna, Namibia’s first ever Paralympic gold medalist, for her success in London. Well done.”
“When we combine the Telecom Namibia model with women’s empowerment, we have an incredible opportunity to make a difference on the big challenges facing our country today,” Angula said, adding, gender equality and women empowerment have been the missing links in the human development value chain for too long.
“What is needed is the enhancing of women’s financial inclusion, building enabling environments for women to thrive as entrepreneurs as well as create opportunities for them to participate in commerce through inclusive and transparent procurement chains,” he stressed.
Angula also called upon Namibian businesswomen to fully participate in Telecom Namibia's tendering process to grow their businesses, adding:  “We are eager to increase women’s share on the Telecom Namibia account, in addition to making philanthropic efforts toward women’s economic empowerment projects."
According to Angula, helping more women live better is a defining issue for Telecom Namibia and the country at large; "We are stepping up our efforts to help educate and open opportunities for women around the country. We want women to view us as a company that is relevant to them and cares about them. We want them to be leading suppliers, managers and loyal customers.”