Govt warns teachers to end strike - Simataa

The Deputy Minister of Information, Stanley Simataa, has called on teachers to respect the law and return to work.
Speaking at a media briefing today, Simataa expressed Government’s disappointment over the conduct of some teachers in the Khomas Region who have defied the court ruling and continued with their strike action deemed as premature and illegal.
Simataa said Government will not shy away from taking action against those involved as there is no legitimacy in their actions.
“As we have stated on previous occasions, there is no legitimacy in persisting with the current course of action when wage negotiations with the recognised bargaining unions as provided for in the Labour Act are about to be concluded and more so when no deadlock has been reached” states Simataa.
He called for the public service staff, with emphasis on teachers, to be professional and follow proper channels in situations like these.
Simataa said the fact that Government has engaged in wage talks is proof enough that there are negotiations underway and it is not Government’s intention for the case to drag on.
Currently Namibia has 23 000 teachers with the Khomas Region having 2 873 teachers of this total.
Simataa, however, commended and expressed gratitude to all the teachers who remained in their classrooms and those who have heeded the call to return to work.