. . . but where were the boys


The skin and hair expo recently held in the capital, clearly was no playground for boys and their scruffy old jeans or bibs but a glamour show targeting the princess in every women.
Classy fashion manifested itself in every way; ever flowing maxi dresses, Marilyn Monroe pouts, Lady Gaga hooves (I meant heels) and every reigning stilleto.
The crowd came in all different sizes to find their best prescriptions. I, for one, certainly took home a handful of facial scrubs and a wee-bit of beauty charts.
Mint-scented lip glosses and cheap eyeshadows did not make the essence of female small talk but ‘how to disguise the stretchmarks on the thighs’ that sounded like the latest formal way of women’s politics.
The highlight of the expo was discovering that you need not rob a bank to look extraordinarily pretty.
I found it rather odd that a nail technicial resembling a mine worker with a mask while filling nails, could not help but wonder what happened to my technician’s mask.
I salute Forrest and Shireen Branch for a job thought through, well planned and exeptionally executed. Viva to beauty and no beast!