Is he finally letting me in?

I hastily emptied the envelope on my study table. It had a certified certificate of the purchases of the Audi and an A-4 size personalised card written, “You will always be mine, Monica”. I gasped, knowing that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever told me.
Then I turned my attention to the contents of the back-pack he had just dumped on the floor. There was a Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic camera and his passport. The camera had a photo of the car under it. Oh my gosh, it’s an Audi SQ5 TDI! My Cota P drives one of the latest and the safest cars in the world! And the camera... I thought, wow, this is a vintage 1963 camera and only a few of them are still sold around the world! How the hell did he get it? Then I perused his passport. He had gone to Cape Town to buy the car! He had not disappeared as per the impression I got from speaking to the two cops and the two men from that flat. Tears rolled down my eyes. This is so confusing, I pouted.
But wait! Why was I crying? Nothing explains where he got the money from to buy that Audi; nothing explains why he went out of the country without telling me... and that girl at Pick n’ Pay?
The magnitude of how complicated this was, all of a sudden, struck me and I cried even more out of frustration and the fact that I was in too deep. Clearly, I was in love with the most complicated man on earth.
I battled with myself on whether to call him or not. My pride would not let me but I had to do something, that much I knew.
So I picked up my phone and called him. “Hello,” he answered briskly. Something did not sound right with the way he had just answered the phone. It sounded as if he did not know who it was on the other end.
Well, quite frankly, I was not in the mood for any of his pathetic acts so I got down to it, “Can you please come get your things?” There was total silence on his end. Then he inhaled deeply and after what seemed like hours, he simply said, “Ok” and then he hang up.
After about 10 minutes, I heard a loud hoot outside, I rushed to peep from the window and there was the Audi. He isn’t coming in? Oh the nerve! I fumed. Why was he doing everything to piss me off? Well, two can play this game, I beamed at the thought. So I decided not to go outside.
Five minutes later, he stormed into the house and slammed the door. I kept my poker face on, not taking my gaze off him, then I pointed to the table where his back-pack and his envelope lay.
He ignored my gesture, grabbed my hands in his and jerked me off the sofa and then commanded me to lock the door behind us. “Come with me. Today I will show you my world so you can see for yourself,” oh he was pissed but so was I.
I didn’t hesitate. I immediately locked the door and followed him to the car. Before getting in, I looked at the sky and gestured a “Thank You Lord”. We drove for a few minutes before he pulled over...