Man says ex stole his erection

A Katima Mulilo man who works in Walvis Bay will travel home in search of the power of his penis.
Derrick Muheto (37) says he lost his erection after breaking up with his Caprivian girlfriend, Mabel Ngoi, (32) two months ago.
“I’m having problems making love to my girlfriend, who also will be my fiancé very soon. I’m travelling to Katima as we speak,” said Muheto.
He says his manhood can barely maintain an erection when he tries to make love to his new girlfriend and is determined to go to Katima Mulilo and correct the situation.
 “I’m convinced that I have left the power of my penis in Katima and I’m going to get it back,” said Muheto,
He said his ex-girlfriend has the answer to his erectile problems and she’s the key component to remedying the situation.
“She has all the answers I need and I’m going to get them. She used to talk about this thing and then it happens to me soon as I left,” he said.  
In her defence, when contacted for a comment, Ngoi said Muheto has alcohol to blame for his problems.
“What good will something like that does me? He’s going crazy. I think he should ask the alcohol what is happening with his penis. He drinks like an idiot and I wouldn’t want such a man. I have absolutely no reason to bewitch him even if I had a chance,” said Ngoi.
Ngoi also denied Muheto’s claims that he had dumped her saying she is the one who actually dumped him after finding out that he has another girlfriend at the coast.
“I didn’t want him and he tried to beg me to take him back but I refused; now he’s coming with all these lies. He must go to a doctor or a witchdoctor for his problem, not newspapers,” said Ngoi said.