Infant survives 13 hours underground

A newly-born baby miraculously survived 13 hours under the ground after her mother had buried her in an act of concealment of birth at Ongulumbashe Village in Tsandi Constituency last week.
According to Omusati Region crime investigation coordinator, Chief Inspector Bonifatius Kanyetu, young mother Ndeuya Petrus (20) gave birth to a baby girl in the early morning hours last Thursday.
Ndeuya’s family had already hired a donkey cart to transport her to the hospital as soon as she was due to give birth but no one in the house heard her when she gave birth.
“She walked about 467 metres into the mahangu field to dig a hole in which she buried the baby. This was around 04h00,” said Chief Inspector Kanyetu.
He said later in the day, Ndeuya sent an SMS to her boyfriend telling him that she had killed the baby.
“She told him in her message that she’s given birth to a baby girl and decided to kill her” Chief Inspector Kanyetu added.
The boyfriend then, Kanyetu said, forwarded the message to Ndeuya’s mother who, however, did not see the message until later in the afternoon.
 “She denied giving birth and killing the baby when her family confronted her until we were called in,” said the Chief Inspector.
He also said it took some serious persuasion and threats for her to tell them what had happened and when she did, Ndeuya led them to where she’d buried the baby.
“None of us expected the baby to be alive after 13 hours underground. You can imagine the family’s reaction when we found that the baby was still breathing,” said Chief Inspector Kanyetu.
 Ndeuya and her baby were rushed to Tsandi State Hospital by the police.
At the time of going to press, the baby’s condition was said to be stable.
“The baby is stable and her mother has been charged with attempted murder, Okahao CR 80/10/2012,” Chief Inspector Kanyetu concluded.