That nuisance tattoo

Three years ago, a University of Namibia (Unam) business was so much in love such that she had the name of her boyfriend tattooed on her wrist.
Today, Erica Shivute who has since broken up with Kleopas regrets ever having the tattoo which has become a permanent feature on her wrist.
“I was a kid and I was in love. So, I thought what other way to make him feel special,” says Erica, who now has a new boyfriend.
Erica says she has not told her new boyfriend whose name is tattooed on her wrist.
“When he asks me about it, I tell him that it is my father’s name. We never really talk about it much,” Erica says.
Twenty-year old International University of Management (IUM) Samuel Shipanga who has been dating Mandy for two years has had her name tattooed on his wrist.
Samuel says he decided to have the tattoo as a second anniversary gift to Mandy.
A Lingua Grade 12 learner, Iyaloo Hamunyela, also regrets having a tattoo done when she passed her Grade 10 some three years ago.
“When I look at it today, I just feel so sick. It’s something that I would not want my daughters to do,” says Iyaloo.
Popular Mshasho fan Moses known as Tee Dee Junior has a similar tattoo with The Dogg’s on his neck.
“Yes, it is just recently when I have realised that my tattoo will be a problem in the long run. When I did it then, it was the coolest thing to do,” he explains.
While others regret carrying tattoos, there are some who carry theirs with pride.
Monaco Lounge’s DJ Kadafi has a tattoo of his deceased mother on his arm.
A Windhoek businessman, Conni Mathews has a tattoo about making money which reads: ‘Make money or die trying’.
“It’s my love for money that has drawn me to do this tattoo. Will I regret? Hell no,” he exclaims.
K’Lian Amaviller, a Kuisebmond Secondary School teacher says that even though he does not regret having his tattoos on both arms, it affects his social life when people mistake him for a dangerous person.
“I remember picking up a man from Windhoek in my car. When he saw me driving off road, he jumped out of the car and pulled out his bag and ran back to where I had picked him up. He was scared and he thought I would do harm to him.”