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Bishop accused of sleeping around

Sun, 28 October 2012 19:11
by Memory Tjimbundu

An accusation by a St Steven Romanna Apostolic Church pastor in Katutura that a bishop is shagging his wife has divided the church such that factions hold services simultaneously.
An offshoot of St Stephanus Apostolic Church founded by Evalt Kakero in 1985, St Steven Romanna Apostolic Church is opposite Betholt Himumuine Primary School.
Apart from accusing Bishop David Kakero of sleeping with his wife, Pastor Immanuel Hekemo is also blaming the bishop of having sexual affairs with other women in the church.
Now the church is divided with one group following Bishop Kakero while the other is with Pastors Hekemo and Adon Kandjima.
Hekemo says he does not want Kakero to continue to be their bishop because he sets a bad example for the congregation.
“It’s a pity that this has to come out but Kakero commits adultery with a lot of women and neglects his wife for long periods,” said Hekemo.  
Kandjima also corroborated Hekemo’s words saying Kakero has done a lot of shameful things.
“He is a bad leader especially for the House of God.  A big bishop like him sleeps around and leaves her own wife at the church in Windhoek without any money and food. When we try to assist her, he gets offended,” said Kandjima.
Kakero denied all the allegations saying he wanted the two pastors out of the church because they are just jealous of him.
He further accused the two of calling for a meeting where a decision to suspend him was made.
“I was suspended for no reason. It is all because they want to be bishops. They are jealous of me. I chased them out of the church but they keep on coming,” said Kakero
As a result of the fight, the two factions attend church at the same time with the pastors and the bishop running different services simultaneously.
The church spokesperson, Willy Kaeka said the situation at the church is bad such that members hurl insults at each other during the services.
“Our services are like two different churches in one building. The two parties compete. When a visitor comes, they would find it difficult to believe it’s a church service.
“People act as if they are in a bar. The preaching at times is vulgar and full of insults for the Bishop,” said Kaeka.
He further said effort to have the stand-off solved by the courts failed when they secretly recorded the services which they took to the police as evidence.
“We recorded some of the services to take to court but the police said that it could not be used because it is against human rights since the recording was done without permission,” added Kaeka.
Twenty-seven years ago, Kakero broke away from his uncle Evalt following a row over the position of the bishop.