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Empowering youth entrepreneurial skills

Sun, 21 October 2012 21:09
by Business Writer


Developing young people’s entrepreneurial skills is the main aim of the Namibia Entrepreneurial Development Week, which starts at the end of this month at Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, said Ronel van Rooyen.
Together with the founder of the Kaumbi-Shikale & Co, Joshua Kaumbi, Van Rooyen who is a former teacher and entrepreneur, initiated the first ever development entrepreneurial week with the aim to educate the Namibian youth about entrepreneurship.
“After realising that after high school, youngsters who wish to start up businesses do not always get a chance to know what the procedures are or how to sustain the ones they have started, we thought of assisting in the education of the entrepreneurship,” Van Rooyen says.
The Entrepreneurial Development Week will offer various courses meant to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of the main speakers will include its patron, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Hage Gaingob, Prime Minister Nahas Angula, Dr Nkosama Moyo from the Mandela Institute for Development Studies and Tokyo Sexwale.
The entrepreneurial week will start off at a gala dinner and  will be channelled towards the sustainability of the development of entrepreneurship for the youngsters.
Van Rooyen adds that the week will introduce young people to entrepreneurship, as well as offer them a platform to engage with SMEs and the corporate sector. It will also create a platform to access business opportunities.
Topics such as ‘entrepreneurship and creation of wealth for economy’; ‘organisations and projects’; ‘entrepreneurship societies looking at the formation’ and ‘development of entrepreneurship’ amongst others, will be touched on.
In short, the objective of the development entrepreneurial week is to assist the Namibian government and its partners to realise Vision 2030, create a platform to debate and adopt long-term policy interventions as well as outlining a medium to long-term strategy and programme reflecting the Namibian government’s commitment to the entrepreneurship sector.
The week-long event will be a yearly affair, which will focus on various issues of entrepreneurship. In the future events, they plan to incorporate exhibitions that will show the different services provided by Government on entrepreneurship and organise symposiums focusing on the same as well as on economical development.
Beside the event, the team behind the initiative will strive to reach out to youngsters in the capital and later on in the towns outside Windhoek in coaching and monitoring them into how to develop ideas into an active business.
Rooyen also says they want to offer a linking system to business available to youngsters through which they can deepen their knowledge of the market.
“In order to develop more of their knowledge, we have already got in touch with different embassies for a possible linkage for youngsters to the global market,” she notes.