Oh, what to do with my sagging breasts!

By now you know that we tackle topics randomly. So this shouldn’t come as a shock.
See, I have always tried to study my breasts at a closer range (I’m sure the average woman does the same). So last week, while standing in front of the mirror looking at my nude body, I noticed that my once-upon-a-time apple boobs no longer look the way they used to.
They still have their ‘youth’ but they do not look as daring as they did five years ago! Point is, I want to share some of the most ridiculous causes for sagging breasts from men’s points of view.
You will be shocked how little men know about a woman’s body, although they always approach us with that “I-can-please-you-in-every-way-imaginable-because-I-understand-your-body-perfectly” kind of attitude.
Let me tell you, my friends, you don’t know anything. This is mainly because we are reluctant to read and research. Nowadays, we use our internet mainly for facebook, twitter and other social networks there are.
When I took to the streets to ask men what they think is the cause of sagging breasts in young women or in women who have no history of breastfeeding, the answers were exactly what I thought. They said things like:
- I think it happens to women with low sex drives or malnourished diets.
- Eventually, every woman’s breasts have to sag.
- We have theories like excessive sex with different men in a short period of time as being the cause of sagging breasts and buttocks.
- Lack of exercise.
- Lack of sex or too much sex and not wearing brassieres.
This is an issue for us, women, because we do not like it when men or those perfect women judge us for things they are unknowledgeable about.
Some of us only take people who have an understanding of everything, seriously. People come up with theories that spread from one generation to another.
I, for one, will not want my son thinking the above. I will want him to read, understand and grow up to be an accommodating person.
The cause of sagging breasts is simple. It occurs when the elasticity of skin around the breasts is put under pressure from vigorous exercise or the weight of the breasts themselves. This is known as ‘ptosis’. Smoking, large breasts, pregnancy and weight loss can cause ptosis too.
Teenagers can still save their breasts by eating right and keeping their weights balanced.
It would also be a good idea to invest in good bras that can support the shape of your breasts, especially if you play sports.
The rest of us can just look forward to saving up for breast implants if and when the sagging becomes uncomfortable.
I just wanted to set the record straight for those ignorant Namibian men who have never visited a health website.