ÔÇÿI likeÔÇÖ remix pimpin

If you loved ‘I like’ by Slammer featuring Jaicee Cole and Shorty-G, then you will love their music video remix even more, because it now has a vibrant Caribbean feel to it.
I promise you, with the remix, you will not want to stop dancing; well, depending on how fast you can move or clap, hoping that you do not have two left feet. I mean, who doesn’t like them some Daddy Yankie feel to any song?
The song starts off with a basic scene featuring girls who log on to the internet to check out Slammer’s new song and then they all start to dance to it once it starts playing.
His top fans - including the girls from the first scene - join him and his crew in the club later to spice things up. Amongst the hot girls are familiar faces from the modelling industry like Tina Pieters’.
The quality of the video is good. All the shooting angles were put together in a way that they are easy on the eye, with less bright lights that often affect the aperture that controls light on a camera. Big ups to the videographer!
The ladies in the music video are fine and can move to the beat. Many will prefer the remix of this facebook song to the initial take.
Slammer and Jaicee Cole have proven to be some of the most improved artists in the past five years, I must admit.
This must-see dance music video will be available soon and because the lyrics are not explicit and the video is not light porn (thankfully), I could bet my last dollar that it will make it at next year’s Namas.