Jossy is reloaded

Omalaeti’s finest female voice is heavy. Yes. She ate the apples. Jossy is expecting and it has nothing to do with PDK. The ‘Ileni’ songstress who toured the country with the Moko hitmakers for much of this year will soon be taking a nine-month break from the music world to look into the motherhood side of it. Word is that she is really ecstatic and so is the tate who owns the field. In fact, if S & H is getting everything right, the couple maybe relocating to the North anytime soon before a wedding is announced. And guess who will be the groomsmen? PDK alongside Tate Buti.  So to the ladies out there who think they have the voice and what it takes to replace Jossy, the auditions are on and PDK alongside Tate Buti will be conducting the search, which starts with a pregnancy test!