Ueja exits the market

Uilililili, iyaalo shiveli...! Yes, we hear wedding bells. Ueja Kazondunge a.k.a. Madam Moola is getting married.
We gotta say, it’s about time this girl tied the knot. We get really excited when our profession-mate sisters and brothers tie the knot.
Let’s applaud this girl for managing to uphold her standards and image for so long and soon, she will be spoken for.
We understand that she had her bridal shower sometime last week and that no one from Scoops was invited!
Gents, you had your chance to claim this girl and now she has been snatched away by a gentleman we are yet to be introduced to. Maybe our fellow media sisters - the likes of Chichi, Helena and Miss B - should soon follow in those footsteps. We eagerly await an invitation or two to these weddings. Really looking forward to catching the bridal bouquets.