Caught stealing sausages!


An Otjimuise woman who was arrested for shoplifting early this month appeared in the Katutura Magistrate Court this week.
Although she claimed to have forgotten to pay for the goods, Jane Clarke, 42, was arrested on the spot on 3rd of this month at Beukes Spar Khomasdal in Windhoek for trying to smuggle more than 20 packets of sausages out of the shop.
Found in her possession were eight hartlief boerewors packets, three Windhoek schlachterei sausages, two hartlief hunters loaves, two packets of hartlief hams, three packets of hartlief streaky bacons, three hartlief salami packets and one packet of hartlief traditional  jagdwurst. All the goods were valued at N$460.39.
Although she is currently out on a N$300 bail, she will be returning to court on 18th December for the continuation of her case.