SA fashion comes to town


Some Namibian fashion designers were sidelined for the Fashion Goes International in Namibia at the Safari Court last weekend.The fashion show was the brainchild of SA Blanche Khumalo who owns Blanchero Clothing Lines.Featured were two South African designers Loxion Kulca and House of Ole while one Namibian designer was brought in as a backstage manager.Only two traditional attire designers, Albertina Amupolo and Hildegard Dax, who specialise in Nama and Oshiwambo designs, represented Namibia.Well known local designer Cathy Shikesho, whose designs are hosted in Lucy’s Exclusive Boutique told The Villager this week that she had asked to take part in the fashion show but was turned down.“I thought it was Namibian designers but it was Blanche Goes International. It was a good show though.  “We were left out. It was her show. It was not supposed to be Namibian fashion goes international,” she said. Lydia, of LN fashions, well known for designing exquisite cocktail dresses, has earned clientele amongst local models including Nomvula Mapolombo and Antonia Shinana, complained about the fact that South African designers brought classic modern work while Namibia was represented by traditional designers.“It was not something I had seen before. I don’t understand why we did traditional designs while the South African designers did glamorous clothes,” she said. Lydia, also added that she was not invited to take part in the show, although she praised Blanche’s work with her favourite collections being the high waist skirts and pants. Other, local designers Hem Matsi, Sirka and Mia did not attend the fashion show.  Hem and Sirka were out of town during the time the fashion show took place. Mia, a local designer, said she was not invited to take part in the show and didn’t go to see Blanchero’s launch.