No racism in cricket: MTC


The investigation undertaken by the Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) on the alleged racism practices by Cricket Namibia (CN) instead recommended a transformation target system this morning.

According to MTC chief human capital and corporate affairs officer, Tim Ekandjo, the investigation has concluded that there is no racism or rather, MTC believes as the CN corporate sponsor, that there is no racism.

This recommended target system, Ekandjo said, will steadily introduce black cricket players into the various national teams.

The transformation target system was decided upon in a meeting convened between MTC and CN yesterday (Monday, 8th October). The system will mostly concentrate on the introduction of previously disadvantaged players into the mainstream of the national sides from junior to senior level.

“For the past few years, there has always been an insinuation that no or little development is taking place at Cricket Namibia as far as developing black players is concerned,” said Ekandjo, adding that allegations of racism are rather difficult to prove, because racism is not tangible. Thus, MTC's focus has instead shifted to whether or not transformation has indeed taken place and whether or not CN has made any strides in developing and integrating black players into the various national teams.

MTC's recommendations are as follows:

- A minimum of three to four black playing cricketers must form part of these national teams, not just to be included but should actively play in those teams.

- At the senior national team, a minimum of three to four black players must be included in the team with at least two black players actively playing while the other two should gain experience while in the team.

“This needs to be implemented with immediate effect, with an exception to the upcoming senior national team game, because understandably, the time is too short to prepare players within a week,” stressed Ekandjo.