NakaleÔÇÖs Meyax just Nakale

Nakale drops his first ever album as a solo artist and under his newly established record label Oupyu Production.
The album is called Meyaxa which means in a bowl.
Nakale says the album’s name is inspired by his love for the power of the basin, especially when it is well decorated.
In the album Nakale talks about social issues that involve the youth from serious matters like prostitution, the abuse of drugs and alcohol among the youth.
He also says the album has taken him approximately five months to record and perfect.
Meyaxa is a 19-track album and these 18 are Oshiwambo names and one is Afrikaans titled Ek se hey featuring the talented Adora.
Track two titled Meyaxa is a fast beat with tradition lyrics and he talks of getting married, bidding farewell to his mother and father-in-law.
Track five is a song of encouragement titled Popya Nounona that means talk to the youth. Nakale discourages prostitution, thieving and the fast growth of passion killing while tracks eight, 17 and 19 are taken from hymn books.
One good song that brings out the style of tradition fused with a little bit of an urban feel is track 10 where he features The Black Boys on the song Onghalo.
Here Nakale and the Black Boys talk about the consequences of doing all the things that are against the law.
Nakale features old man Nkandanga on a song in memory of the late Pedrito. In this sad song, they remember him for the work he did and also for the person he was as a friend and adviser.
It’s a new album but nothing really is new. It’s still the Nakale style that we knew from the years of Akwaita Vokokongo.
Deep Oshiwambo saying and in the majority of the songs Nakale preaches.
Also featured in some of the songs are Kawashi and Gazza.