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Zambian man sells fake aphrodisiac

Sun, 30 September 2012 19:52
by Chris-Paul

A Zambian man, Alvin Chuma (36) is in trouble after a group of male disatisfied  customers complained last week that he has been selling them a fake libido booster in Katutura.
The libido booster is a concoction made of unknown roots and fresh milk. It is stored in a fridge when not in use as per the instructions.
One of Chuma’s dissatisfied customers, Markus Nuule, said the concoction has not improved his sex life in any way, thus it’s fake.
“This man is a fraud and that stuff does not work. Now we want our money back,” he charged.
Nuule met Chuma through a mutual friend, Alfons Kavanga, who spoke so highly of the concoction as he also uses it. So he recommended it to him.
The aphrodisiac is sold in a one litre Coco Cola bottle for N$150 and is supposed to be taken a few hours before having a sexual intercourse.
However, after weeks of using the concoction, Nuule and two of his friends said it doesn’t work.
“He conned us into believing this stuff works. He got away with our money. I don’t want any more of this. I just want my money back,” said Lazarus Erastus.
When V-Metro contacted Kavanga (who had recommended the product to the men) for a comment, he was adamant that the product has always worked for him.
“I’m aware of what they are claiming but I swear that stuff works. I can proudly say that I have been using it,” said Kavanga.
Though he spoke highly of the concoction and the man who sells it, Kavanga said it could be that Chuma sells both genuine and fake stuff.
“I’m just saying it could be that, because what I get definitely works,” he said.
Chuma refused to have pictures of his products taken but said they were authentic.
“These roots are real. You don’t get them in this country. It’s a special concoction. I only sell to a few chosen people,” he said. He asked why would people claim that it doesn’t work, he said “ I don’t know, but if you are not happy you can bring back my stuff and come get your money,” he said.