MTC should rescue ANNA, I plead!

It is indeed MTC’s prerogative to discontinue any financial association with any sport code. Not that I am in agreement with the decision it took against the Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) a week ago but they should know better!
It’s a pity, for instance, that one of Namibia’s top flight sport codes, netball, is struggling to get potential corporate sponsorship. The All Namibia Netball Association (Anna) has been in the media pleading with the corporate world for financial assistance and still, no one has come on board. Why?
I do not know whether or not Anna’s executive team has approached the mighty MTC for financial injection but if they haven’t done so, now is the time to knock on MTC’s doors and really plead for moola.
According to popular belief within the local sports fraternity, MTC has upheld its social responsibility by heavily investing in sports development.
I wonder why Anna has not been a beneficiary like other sport codes such as hockey, NPL and cricket. So, I urge them to go out there and make their reasons known to the corporate world just why exactly they should invest their money in netball.
I am saying this because Anna has been struggling to stage even just a competitive regional tournament. Not that I have forgotten that they hosted the Sadc Regional Under-20 Netball Tournament two years ago but if netball cannot keep its house in order, surely MTC and other willing companies will remain doubtful of whether or not they shall get any mileage from netball activities.
Who would not sympathise with Anna? I mean, for Christ’s sake, the national netball body hopes to stage a three-nations tournament from what I have been told but with just four months left before we conclude the year, I think the envisaged tournament will highly be impractical if the situation remain as it is.
Let’s look at this scenario again - our beautiful ladies who did extremely well in Singapore last December wish to repeat their feat this year but all boils down to one problem; lack of funds.
As far as I am concerned, there are only two or maybe three players (companies) who would come to the rescue of the beleaguered national netball body; Government (through the Namibia Sports Commission), MTC and maybe Telecom Namibia. The rest, I’d rather remain hush about.
Do not get me wrong. All I am pin-pointing here is the fact that Anna has done little in getting any sympathy from any potential sponsor thus far. Like they say, it’s better late than never.
I truly wish for Anna to present a blueprint particularly to MTC for consideration. I mean, other bigger codes have done so, even the National Professional Golf Association tried. However, MTC had to discontinue its sponsorship with golf, because the Annual Sunshine Tour did not benefit any Namibian.
So pull your socks dear ladies and join the party if you truly want to stage your tournament or travel to Singapore, because December is just around the corner.