Laz got some jazz



leizy a.k.a. De Maestro or whatever you wanna call him, is definitely some pimp juice.
He’s been at Energy 100FM forever! Dude’s a legend in his own right and knows his game when it comes to women, especially Herero ladies. He’s an Oshiwambo-speaker but his Otjiherero eloquence is damn near perfection, following years of time spent at Herero Mall when it was still at its peak.
Ok, in case you are just about to ‘hug-a-geingob’, what I’m talking about is that if you wanna have a fine Herero hottie, Leizy is the Sheriff you need to consult, not Max T, as previously believed.
If you looking for a normal girl - even those light in complexion ones they call ‘Von-Trothas’ - trust me, he’s got them on speed-dial! I can attest to that; was standing by Antonio’s Art with a couple of my boys where he proved that Max T has nothing on him. Did I get a hook up? Well, let’s just say I don’t kiss and tell.