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Duneside qualifies to the finals

Sun, 23 September 2012 19:21
by Memory Tjimbundu



SpelQuizBee finals of the Erongo Region that were held last week in Swakopmund saw Duneside Secondary School scooping the first place.
The competition was very tight. Out of 25 schools, only four schools qualified to the region’s finals but only Duneside Secondary qualified for the national finals slated for the capital.
For the spelling competition, only five learners qualified to compete at the finals; being one junior and four seniors.
The winners will be competing with Khomas, Caprivi, Oshana and Otjozondjupa regions at this year’s finals that will be held on 2nd November this year at Hilton Hotel, Windhoek.
About 150 learners countrywide are due to compete in a bid to be the best in the competition.
According to one of the SpelQuizBee organising members, Texiera Bertollini, the competition has been very tough in all the regions that have participated thus far and most schools were strong competitors.
“It is a pity that there are schools that worked hard but did not make it this time around but there is always a next time. They just need to work a little bit harder. To the schools that made it to the finals, they must not relax but push harder because it is not an easy competition at all,” he said.
“SpelQuizBee is committed to see positive results within the education sector by improving a reading culture and upgrading the formal secondary education system. Spelling bees help to promote literacy by providing children with a positive goal to work toward. It also gives them a forum to display the fruits of their hard work. But they also do much more,” Texeira asserted.
In addition to improving spelling, the bees also aid children with learning concepts, improving comprehension and developing study skills.the erongo region competition was sponsored by the namibia Ports Authority this year.