Men EFF up our female celebs!

that ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’, cannot be said about every successful woman, it seems.
Come on, let’s look at it guys; Daphne (of the provocative group, Gal Level) left her music career the moment a man forgot to wear a condom. Yes, the little man bonked Daphne all the way out of fame, to the maternity ward. The same happened to Luvy some years ago while she was one of Namibia’s promising singers. She fell pregnant and her career never really took off after that.
What I’m saying is, had Luvy put her career first before Elvo’s zipper, she would be one of the leading singers in the country today. Janice (from the Butti and Janice fame) suffered the same fate, so did Zanele of Matongo Family and the other girl (Daphne should be the name) of Verdict, the female musical group.
Cutie, the godmother of the local television screen just no longer seem to have the glitter after... you guessed it. Oh no, you don’t need to guess what happened to her; let’s just say Dickie happened. He came and banged the glitter out of the babe, finish and klaar! And believe it or not, good old Meryl also lost it when the Tanzanian dude (Mwisho) converted her from the spot. What is going on?