Shout South Africa and I'll say issues!



First xenophobia and when they couldn’t finish all the foreigners they turned on themselves. I mean what the heck man? Some coconut young politician babbled his big mouth off and now the country has ground to a halt. Bold headed politicians are having big meetings and the citizens are not going to work. All the blacks are singing and all the whites are as grumpy as ever ...I wonder why these folks always look grumpy. Let’s reserve that talk for later. Anyways everybody in SA is waiting for an opportunity to break something. Why? Because some cattle herder from Limpopo who has never fired a gun has an obsession for a song called Dubul’ Ibhunu. Desmond Tutu has to tell us what his truth and reconciliation commission achieved.  But you’ve gotta give it to Namibians. They just don’t give a damn. Believe me, Barack Obama could be walking down Independence Avenue without bodyguards and no one will notice him. Maybe, only when he gets into his Martin Luther King pose and drop that yes we can line. Either that or he will be at the mercy of the size of his ears. But even if they did recognise him, they will just identify him as Michelle’s husband or the guy who was on TV last night.Exactly why xenophobic attacks and all that racism- fuelled idiocy will never find a place in this land.  See, to Namibians seeing a foreign national hustling a living on the streets or soliciting some romance from a sister is as normal as seeing dogs mating. Nothing to write home about. Nobody really cares if some boy gets on stage and brags about being black . . . I mean duh! Remember when our boere folks held their ‘bak gat’ party celebrating their one page of history with Bok Van Blerk and his De La Rey ear sore at the Hage Geingob Stadium? Nobody gave a hoot. Even the Gomchas didn’t bother to attend.  I mean who wants to steal a cellphone that has that De La Rey song as a ring tone and Oom Piet Retief as a screen background?  And do you see any of our boere folks running around with posters trying to ban Ndilimani Cultural Troupe from singing songs like Ndamona Ovakwaita tavalu, Oshiwambo for ‘I’ve seen plan combatants fighting’ or the Otjiherero song, Maturu Matutaara which translates as ‘We will fight and we shall win.’ No Man, that’s valuable biltong making time.  God forbid that these songs were sung in paranoid South Africa – a group with a name that means dynamite singing songs about people dropping bombs, and some running around with AK 47s – in 2011. Enough reason to have some folks running scared, the result of which is traffic congestions, sweaty people, and abuse of paper and court cases. Good thing Namibians, both white and black know that time is of essence. At least, where Vision 2030 is not concerned. Show me a dude from Greenwell Matongo, who knows what the Wika Festival really stands for? Not one and no one really cares. It might as well be a beer festival for all they care. Either that or an opportunity for local Rastafarians to hook up with some experimental German girls who travelled all the way for their big black experience.   For what it’s worth, they’ll all mingle and get sloshed . . . who cares what the lyrics of the German song that is blasting from the speakers really mean. We are Namibians and we know the limits to our rights.That’s why when Malcolm X Matundu went to town with a poster that read “Kill all Whites” the courts got involved. Mr X here wasn’t singing a liberation struggle song. But the courts lost interest when dude started babbling about Al Qaeda links and high tech proficiencies that bordered onto bomb assembling. ‘Waarso’ . . . that Okakarara boy? To Namibians Malema’s obsession and the subsequent frenzy around it appears to have been lifted out a Disney World movie. Who cares if some boy sings a song that he learnt from his great grandparents about shooting some folk? Namibians are smart enough not to practice what this delusional kid is saying. I mean nobody bought a hammer when tatekulu ordered the hammering of some folks and nobody hid all the hammers either.  Umsholozi sang Leti uMshini Wani all the way to the State House but did anybody give him his machine gun? No. As painful as it is, history is there to be remembered. Now before you do anything make sure that whatever it is, will never bring shame to your kids in the future. Hell, I guzzled my booze until it almost guzzled me but I don’t get goose bumps whenever I see an empty bottle of booze. Hell did it, I boozed and the way I did it even Jesus Christ would have screamed Jesus Christ, but I am not suing the brewery for brewing a health hazard. Damn!