Raped in the name of love




Ndjamba Mathias (18) raped Leone Ndango (18) last week at Ndama Location in Rundu after two years of her rejection.
Mathias, according to Ndango’s boyfriend, Robert Kudumo (19), decided to enlist his 19-year old close friend, Daniel Ntsamba’s help, to realise his dreams of having sex with Ndango.
It was past midnight when the couple decided to leave the bar where they had been hanging out all evening unaware that Mathias and Ntsamba had been tailing them.
“When they caught up with us, Mathias insisted to speak to my girlfriend in private and when she refused, they threatened to get violent. I persuaded her to just go ahead but they didn’t speak for long before they started arguing,” narrated Kudumo.
He said Mathias then slapped Ndango and when he tried to intervene, Ntsamba pulled out a panga and shoved it at him.
“I missed it and decided to run to get help but since it was late at night, there was hardly anyone on sight,” he said adding that Mathias dragged Ndango to the nearby bushes where he threatened to harm her with the panga if she refused to have sex with him, which he did in full view of his friend.
By the time he came back with help to where he had left the trio, Kudumo said, they were nowhere to be found.
“I rushed to her house where she narrated to me everything that had happened after which we told the elders who called the police. She told me that Mathias said he raped her to show her how much he loved her,” said Kudumo.
Kudumo and Ndango have been dating for the last two years but Mathias has always been the major problem to their relationship.
“He wanted her so bad he used to tell her lies about me to break us up but she would tell me everything. Many a times, he would try to pick unnecessary fights with me in a bid to get my girlfriend. He finally did what he has always wanted to do, except that he now has to pay a heavy price for his actions” said Kudumo.
Head of the regional crime investigation co-ordination, Commissioner Willie Bampton confirmed the rape; “The suspects have been arrested; only one of them has been charged with rape. The other one has been charged for being an accomplice.”