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NBL searches for Windhoek Lager ambassador

Sun, 16 September 2012 19:25
by Business Writers


Working at improving housing access for the underprivileged in the country is Edith Mbanga’s passion; a passion that has seen her being awarded recognition nationally and internationally.
Mbanga (60) is the Windhoek Lager Ambassador 2011/12 winner and has also been awarded the UN Scroll Award 2011/12.
“It is my purest pleasure to have been chosen as the NBL ambassador for 2011/12. It still feels like a dream; being nominated and actually winning. It means a lot to be recognised as it gives me great strength to keep on doing what I do,” Mbanga says.
Mbanga, national coordinator of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN), praises the initiative behind the Windhoek Lager ambassadorship and believes that she and the other ambassadors who are yet to be chosen will inspire youngsters to work together to promote better living conditions in their communities.
Mbanga notes that although she is no longer young, she does not wish to retire as she feels that there is more she can still do.
Her fight for better access to land by under privilegied when she become part of people square saving scheme in 1989. It was an NGO for poor women without houses in order to organise themeselves to solve housing problem.
The SDFN has grown to a network of 574 urban and rural saving groups involving about 22894 families throughout the country.
The Windhoek Lager Ambassadorship initiative was started two years ago with the aim of recognising the ordinary Namibian who goes that extra mile to enhance the lives of fellow citizens.
As pointed out by NBL’s brand manager of Windhoek’s trade mark, Jacquiline Pack, this year’s ambassador’s programme (2012/13) whose first nominations will start at the beginning of next month with the finals taking place in May next year, will recognise individuals who often go unrecognised for their efforts and contribution to the community.
The past two years has seen the programme recognise Namibians who had previously received international acclaim.
“In order to enhance the programme and cement what Windhoek Lager stands for, the nominations will have to exert certain values and characteristics such as visionary, perseverance, authenticity and no compromise on belief.  Furthermore, we have also identified seven categories to ensure that we do not alienate anyone. The sectors range from education, sports, arts, health science, technology, conservation, business and community,” Pack adds.