RDP blames Pohamba for impasse



The RDP has come out all guns blazing accusing President Hifikepunye Pohamba of inaction in the recent brief closure of a school in the North by supposed Swapo supporters.

The Haihambo Primary School in the Ohangwena Region had its gates padlocked at the start of the current school trimester by dissatisfied villagers and parents.

The dissatisfactions stems from the appointment of RDP president Hidipo Hamutneya as school patron and a subsequent donation by the opposition politician to the school in cash and in kind running in thousnads of dollars.

The community demands that Hamutenya be removed as patron and the donated material be returned.

In a strongly worded statement on Tuesday the RDP Secretary General Jesaja Nyamu said that Pohamba's silence on the matter is in contrast with an earlier promise he made about non-tolerance of political inteference in education matters when he met leaders of the official opposition party.

Nyamu claims that the Governor of Ohangwena Region Usko Nghwaama was at the forefront of the school padlocking.

He notes that equally worisome is the fact that the school children have been denied their right to education for the days the school remained closed.

Nyamu wanted to know whether Pohamba was selective in his denouncement of political inteference in education, is not really in charge or whether the country was now under mob rule.

Education Minister Dr Abraham Iyambo had to intervene to ensure that the padlocks were removed from the gates and for the learners to return to class.

The RDP, meanwhile demanded that the case be investigated and those found guilty be prosecuted.