Man attempts to kill daughter after shooting mother in face

A Havana man shot his partner and mother of his child dead and then returned to shoot at the body twice last week.Gebhard Komeya, who was allegedly unhappy with the behaviour of his partner, Kerttu Tumonotyombi, is said to have shot whipped out his gun during an argument and shot her once in the face. Komeya allegedly went to tell his partner’s sister about the shooting before going back to their home where he shot at the body twice.He also allegedly attempted to shoot the child but failed when the girl escaped. “Are you also going to shoot me?” Asked the sister of the deceased when she saw Komeya approaching her holding a gun in his hand.Komeya allegedly told the sister that he was tired of Tumonotyombi and therefore he had shot her.He is now facing three charges of murder, attempted murder and pointing a fire-arm at a person.When he briefly appeared at the Katutura Magistrate Court, he was told that his case had been remanded to 1 November 2011 for further investigations. When the State objected to his bail, Komeya said, “I got nothing to say.”