Thanks to spring, now game recognises game!


we all know what happened this past winter, hey. Most ladies have come out of the bruising chills with countless conspicuous bumps.
Eew! Seems every dude must have surely worked hard, because now you won’t walk past 10 people in town without noticing that at least one of them is a woman with a baby-bump. But I bet you my last dollar (one that comes from my nagging boss), anyone without game won’t get some this spring!
I think it’s going to take some skill to have someone in your bed this spring and summer as compared to winter when any gun could shoot. This spring as well as summer, wait and see; no guy’s gonna get ‘em chicks coz it’s going to take lots of conviction. Those who will manage will definitely be the ones with the fat wallets and can definitely keep them shooters coming.
What I mean is, it’s not going to be easy getting laid this spring, you better get paid to get some. I mean, even the smoothest player’s gonna cough up a few dollars before getting some.
Other than that, welcome to the dry desert, homies, it’s definitely time to cheat on your left hand with the right, hey. Good luck on that one!