Is condom usage a sin?



The issue of condom usage by school children has spurred spirited debate from many religious quarters.

Pastor Johnny Kitching, Founder of the PP Church, says condoms do have their place as a means of preventing HIV/Aids but sin is the deeper problem.

“The biggest problem we have is not the question of condoms. Our biggest problem is one that is deeper, which is sin.

“Sin is our biggest problem. In my opinion, condoms may prevent diseases but it does not prevent the destruction of our morality and that is what we need to be dealing with to maintain our morality,” he said.

Pastor Kitching noted that Namibia has enough problems “and to begin to distribute condoms in schools, in his opinion, is only going to make this matter worse. Children must just be taught how to abstain until marriage”.

Another religious leader, Father Teddy Lennon of the Roman Catholic says distributing condoms especially to unmarried youths is like promoting sex before marriage which is against their church doctrine. 

“We, as a church, are against usage of condoms. Even married couples should not use condoms at all.

“We appreciate the purpose of condoms as they serve good purpose but we do not allow any of our members to use them. We cannot say those who use them should not fellowship with us. 

“In fact, we have a program called Love Matters where we teach young people to love and respect their bodies and abstain from sex until they are married. 

“We are so much against sex before marriage and so condoms should not be distributed at all because they will motivate those who are not married to have sex,” said Father Lennon.

Pastor Jennifer Moetie says she would not say it is wrong or right but the youth should be taught from an early age about moral values in life. 

“Youth should concentrate more on education, Christianity and other important things in life not sex. The Bible says we should flee from sexual immoralities and our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the young ones should be taught that and practice that from the early age,” she adds.

He also says the Bible also reminds people that they should prune their children from an early age so that in future they will make right decisions.

“Distributing condoms is like permitting them to have sex before marriage which is unacceptable. I do not have a problem with condoms being distributed to married couples but not to unmarried people,” she explains. 

However, Pastor Moeti acknowledges that condoms help to prevent problems but disagree with sex before marriage.

“Yes, condoms prevent a lot of diseases and unwanted babies but if they also abstain from sex there will be no need to use condoms,” concludes Pastor Moetie.

Pastor Kauetu Hamukwaya from Uniting Reformed Church of Africa encourages the people to fear God in everything they do. 

“God does not allow sex before marriage. Distributing condoms to those who are not married is like telling them to have sex before marriage which is wrong.

“The Bible clearly states that we should not fornicate but those who are married and do not want a lot of kids, it is fine for them to use condoms. Unmarried adults can use condoms to protect themselves. People should know that sex before marriage is a sin,” concludes Hamukwaya.