NamPort in need of upgrade for bulk power supply



A whooping N$30m contract was signed last week between Erongo RED and NamPort to upgrade NamPort’s power supply.
After it transpired that the Port of Walvis Bay is at its limits in terms of electricity usage; meaning that the Port could no longer meet its additional power needs in the future, it became urgent to conduct a comprehensive study in which all current and future electricity needs of the Port of Walvis Bay would be done including all available options on how to deal with its future electricity needs.
“All stakeholders were consulted and the conclusion on the study revealed that the electricity feeder needed to be installed from Paratus Substation to the Port of Walvis Bay and that Erongo RED needed to upgrade its bulk power supply to the Paratus Substation,” NamPort manager corporate communication, Liz Sibindi, said.
Currently, according to Sibindi,  the electricity requirement for the new Port of Walvis Bay container terminal on reclaimed land project is estimated at 15megawatts on maximum demand; the power that will be used for the new ship to shore cranes that will be installed at the new container terminal; hence the need of the power supply upgrade to the Port of Walvis Bay.
The Port’s upgrade will cater for normal port growth and upcoming development projects. The total Walvis Bay electricity bulk supply upgrade project is expected to cost Erongo RED N$311m.
While the port is currently limited to 2.5megawatts, once the upgrade project is commissioned and has commenced, NamPort dedicated supply capacity is to move from 2.5 megawatts to 18megawatts.
“The need to upgrade the Port of Walvis Bay’s electricity supply stems from the large increase in cargo throughput volume growth over the past five years, more so because of the forecasted volumes for the next five years. Whereas for container throughput volumes only the Port of Walvis Bay will handle 320 000 TEU’s this year; it is expected that this figure will double over the next five years,” pointed out Sibindi.
Furthermore, the upgrade project is expected to come to fruition in 2015 when work on the new Walvis Bay container terminal on reclaimed land has reached a stage where the new ship to shore quay cranes is commissioned.