Hustle of a gold-digger




I know the topic of the gold-digger has been exhausted but I want to tackle it from a different point of view; in defence of the gold-digger.
Seriously, if you are dumb enough to get money sucked out of you over a long period of time without you realising it, then you really do deserve to have your money stolen from you. These girls and guys (yes, guys can be gold-diggers too - I know a few) are born for this but there are always signs.
Things in this world have always worked like that; some prey off the weaknesses of others, so they can make a living. Tabloid journalists prey on the misfortunes of celebrities while doctors prey on the illnesses of their patients; we all need each other in such states.
You can deny that as the victim of the gold-digger but is there not a point in your relationship where you notice that your lover is only interested in material gain? Love is blind but love is not stupid, ok? (I don’t know where I got that from but it’s a reasonable argument).
Since we can’t adjust the law to include relationships, I guess we cannot get the law to force everyone to sign a contract of agreement; an agreement in which every party knows what to expect from the other; where you can openly say that you are just in it for the money or material gain. One should be the supplier of sexual pleasures while the other, the supplier of things that come with the price tags.
Your girlfriend/boyfriend wants to control your money, get the pin number to your bank account, only wants to eat out and all your couple activities only include you spending money... and that is not fishy? I know the foundation of a relationship needs trust and should come judgement-free but that is 1800s talk.
In this day and age, relationships are like going to Iraq as a peacekeeper; your intensions might be good but you will still get shot at or shoot and kill somebody.
I would like to applaud the gold-diggers of today. If you have a man or woman who keeps falling for your tricks, then you deserve an award.
“People see it coming but do nothing about it and still complain because they also get something out of the gold-diggers; hope of getting laid,” a certain Shati commented.
Then there are those friends who are in denial; friends and relatives you keep warning but they do not believe that their partners are only in it for the money unless you have them on tape admitting that. I always say that if you want to empower your partner, do not give them money, inspire them to make their own.
Society sneers at the person who takes money from others with their diabolical schemes but it’s really high time you sneered at the fool who keeps falling for it.
“Gold-diggers are just taken as such, because the guy does not get what he expected,” Helena said. (More reasons why a written agreement should be made between the two parties, that way, this could be nothing but a supply and demand process.)
The gold-dug can stop crying foul play now, because you cannot sit there with a straight face and say, ‘I thought she was different’ when all you have done since the first day is just spend your money on her. Expect anything and everything from human beings; no matter how flawless their flesh might be, their minds are still corruptible.
Like they say, the devil was an angel once... Just saying!