Wife grabs inspector by the balls



A Walvis Bay municipality health inspector, Victor Kangumu, had to seek medical attention after his wife grabbed him by the balls last week.
A police source close to the family told V-Metro that a fight erupted between the couple, which ended in the wife calling the police for help.
“It was such a propagated story in Walvis Bay and the matter was reported to the police,” said a police source close to the family.
He said the inspector sought medical help at Welwitchia Private Hospital in Walvis Bay.
Walvis Bay Police Inspector Muhita confirmed receiving a call from Kangumu’s wife.
“Yes, I received a call from the wife informing me about the fight with her husband after which he reported himself to the police. I can’t really state the extent of the fight and the circumstances; I guess that is something you have to ask Kangumu himself. Those are sensitive marital matters that I can’t really talk about,” said Inspector Muhita.  
He also said that he could only divulge further information on the matter with permission from his regional commander after refusing to give his first name. When reached for comment, Kangumu admitted to having had a fight with his wife but insisted to give his side of the story only if V-Metro revealed to him the identity of the police source claiming to be close to the family.
“First, I want to know who told you the story before I tell you anything. I need to know who this person is before I tell you what you want to know, otherwise this is a very private matter that I’m not comfortable talking to any newspaper about,” said Kangumu.
He said he’d not talk about the matter because the story will damage his reputation, “These stories are only published by newspapers in order to destroy people’s reputations, so I’d be glad if this story were not published.”