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How long will we endure this humiliation?

by John Tuerijama

Let’s face it; the performance of our national under-19 cricket team at the ICC World Cup in Brisbane, Australia has definitely left a sour taste in the mouths of many cricket fans.
How do we expect to feed the senior national side when our youngsters, in all likelihood, have put up a pathetic account of themselves starting off with their warm-up match against West Indies.
Unlike our long-distance runner, Helalia Johannes, whom to many did exceptionally well by breaking the national record, our youthful cricket side was a bunch that put the spotlight on the national cricket administrators during the epic cricket showpiece.
Now the question is; are we really on the right path in ensuring that we have top flight sportsmen and women who can really make us proud?
Let’s look at the outcome of the matches in Brisbane in which we went down to Nepal by 39 runs; Ireland hammered us by four wickets; Bangladesh defeated us by seven wickets; Sri Lanka continued the onslaught with  their 195 runs over our inexperienced young lads while South Africa added more insult to injury with their 209 runs.
Now tell me, my friend; what kind of team puts its country to a limitless shame like that? I mean, have these boys not had enough and credible preparations or were there no funds at all to thoroughly prepare them?
What does the future hold for us, really? I was and still am amazed at our top (I mean very top) sport administrators (or veteran sport administrators if you like) of whom some are NSC sport commissioners, still having the audacity to blame the athletes when they know very well that no credible funding has ever gone towards sports development to secure competitiveness at sporting events.
I can’t help but wonder who calls the shots. I, for one, have seen while others turn a blind eye on the real problems affecting us.
I give credit - whole-heartedly - to some well-known personalities such as Isak Hamata, Corry Ihuhua, Kayele Kambombo, Carlos Kambaekua, Boet Mathews, Hector Mawonga, Sheefeni Nicodemus who, through their respective publications, have campaigned for more funding and a political willingness  to channel more funds towards sports.
As far as I am concerned, the real thorns in the flesh are the so-called ‘untouchables’ who have taken sports deep into the mud, all because of their bloated egos. They refuse to give room to more younger sports administrators who are capable of effecting changes (and I mean positive changes, my good folks).
Well, we will continue preaching on the ‘wind of change’ within sports like our Founding Father who affectionately says, “People, striving to achieve a common good for all members of the society, will always emerge victorious.”
Now is the time to demonstrate our bravery to the global village that Namibia does possess talent and they (athletes) have the potential to be amongst the very best on the global stage.