Omaheke Trade Fair still on

The Omaheke Trade Fair will proceed as planned despite the fact that many white commercial farmers including a prominent livestock auctioneer in Omaheke Region, Floris van Niekerk, withdrawing from the event.
The special advisor to the Omaheke Regional Governor and a member of the organising committee for the Omaheke Trade Fair, Pio Nganate told The Villager that they stand their grounds with the initiative to host the trade fair and confirmed that the withdrawal of the Gobabis Show Society will not stop them from hosting the trade fair.
It now occurs that many of the white commercial farmers in the region do not buy the idea of the trade fair but rather prefer the annual agricultural show hosted by the Gobabis Show Society, which they have been participating in since its inception close to 50 years ago.
 The annual Gobabis Agricultural Show will now be staged on the same day as the Omaheke Trade Fair.
The trade fair was originally planned to be hosted at the local show grounds managed by the Gobabis Show Society.
 Since both shows will be running simultaneously, venues have thus become unavailable to the trade fair committee.
But, Nganate said that the trade fair will now be held at the Legare Stadium and that efforts to convert the stadium situated in Gobabis into a trade fair ground to accommodate the fair, has been successful.
The Omaheke Trade Fair is billed as a unification platform for all trade and agricultural shows in the region, as per the initiative of the Regional Council.
The Regional Council has, however, remained determined that everything will go according to its plans and will be a success despite the pullout by the white commercial farmers.
The trade fair’s organising committee will host a gala dinner as part of its fundraising activities for the event this Friday (31st August).
Adding to the entertainment list are boxing, a horse-race tournament, Miss Omaheke Trade Fair and a cultural musical performance.