Development land up for grabs

Coming out of a recent ‘busty tender’, City of Windhoek (CoW) has redeemed itself by availing space for development ahead of the city’s space shortage.
CoW has opted to fully utilise its space to cater for the ever increasing population in Windhoek by putting an expression of interests. In essence, it has called upon experienced and qualified business people, entrepreneurs and property developers for the sale and development of the space.
Only two erven spaces have been availed; Erf 5727 and Erf 7203, which are up for grabs (to the highest bidder) since there is currently a shortage of serviced land for development in Windhoek. Erf 5727 in Windhoek, measuring 2617sqm in extent, located at the corner of Independence Avenue and Bahnhof Street, is currently being utilised as a metered public parking area and is pegged at an upset price of N$9.2m.
Erf 7203 measuring 5035spm in extent, located at the corner of John Meinert Street and Werner List Street, is currently being utilised as a taxi rank and a metered public parking area.
The expression of interest - EOI - (which at the moment refers to simply ‘requests of expressions of interest’) will close on the 7th of September and thereafter, the tender will be put out for sale and development. Calls for EOI are used mainly when the requesting company does not have a solid idea on the type of product or service required.
CoW released the EOI with a high level understanding of its business problem or requirements and type of product it requires but it is uncertain about the market’s ability or desire to meet its needs.
With this, CoW needs to collect some additional information before it is able to make some procurement decisions.
Basically, the project will involve a business concept, the purchasing and development of the properties into viable economic activities that would contribute to CoW’s vibrancy and competitiveness.
City boasts world-class infrastructure, advanced technology, well-functional markets, a sound financial sector and serves as the base to major industries and key institutions in the country. However, such competencies need to be optimised through need-driven business development projects that would improve the image of the capital in the Sadc region and beyond.
With that in mind, space for development has become scarce in Windhoek, so at this point in time, CoW’s move was greatly needed.
More opportunities for the property developers and entrepreneurs have a chance to develop and stay ahead of the game in the construction industry, which has largely fallen prey and largely dominated by foreign firms.