Niihana goes Mzekezeke style



omsaane Niihana (real name: Zee-netto Alberto) has seen a gap in multiple characters and this week, for the first time, he told The Villager about his other two characters in the music industry.
In his first interview with us, he said he was the manager of a certain artist called Tripogee, who is supposedly a rapper from Oshakati.
Turns out that Tripogee and Omsaane Niihana are one and the same person, except, both characters specialise in different music genres.
In the ‘Friday Special’ music video, he is the guy in a white-shirt who raps and you will notice the resemblance if you have seen Niihana up close. “To be honest, I am both Tripogee and Niihana,” he confessed.
I have to say, Zee-netto is a genius for being the first local artist to exploit this advantage.
“Tripogee’s character is Gazza, Exit and SunnyBoy’s competition while Omsaane is Tate Buti and Kuku Kandanga’s competition,” he said in his normal voice (for the first time).
If you remember well, South African kwaito artist, Mzekezeke, is also the person we know as DJ S’bu. For Niihana, this is not only a financial gain but a way of building his career with different characters.
Niihana confessed that there is a third character that he wants to keep a secret for now.
“It’s just a talent. Friends say I can change voices. I can even imitate Nelson Mandela,” he beamed.
His advantage of dropping albums multiple times, he said, has been intended to earn him a Guinness World Record but that has not gone too well.
“I wanted to do something different and prove that Africans can be better than Americans,” he said.
Omsaane Niihana has already dropped his album and Tripogee’s album, ‘The Fellowship of poetry’, is due in October.
Now, we wonder how he would handle live shows when his characters feature each other on stage!