The MovementÔÇÖs perfect collabo!


in an effort to entice local artists to collaborate more, two of the country’s most exciting musicians have merged talents to release a ‘mouth-watering’ six-track album.
Fishman and Exit have taken the first step to set an example to encourage Namibian artists to work together. With the help of their managers, Maria “M-L” and Antonio, the duo has finished a six-track album called ‘The Movement’.
The album features the likes of B-Fresh, M-L and South African artist, Bricks. It was produced by M-Jay (at Deal Done Studios) who explains that he had incredible fun working on the album as he worked with two very talented artists.
M-Jay says besides being talented, the duo is also disciplined and it was thus easy finishing the album in less than a week’s time.
Songs like the third track, ‘Bloma’; fourth track, ‘Baby you’ and track number five, ‘Dreaming’ ft Bricks, would make you instantly get on your feet. They are the type of songs that you would pump in your car the whole day without being bored, as they are up tempo and are complimented by the incredible lyrical lines by Exit and the classic and vibrant voice of Fishman.
Track four is a killer hit that tells the story of a certain girl who is special in all ways possible; so the song describes how a special woman should be treated. It’s the song that I believe will make this album sell like hot cake.