Araffath plays Dice for Jericho



Super producer, Araffath, has signed up Dice; a move that is being seen as meant to replace Jericho.
It’s a story of two good friends, as is habitual between two black men; money came between them. Word on the street is that things are not like they used to be. According to a connect close to Araffath, dude is really disappointed with the artist. It’s a well-known fact that Araffath has been responsible for Jericho’s most successful album to date; the two men were close during the production of Jericho’s album.
Araffath tells his friends that when he met Jericho, he barely had a dime. He apparently begged the producer to take him under his wing. He worked on the artist’s album without being paid. But when the album was out and was doing good, the artist apparently seemed to suffer from a bad case of amnesia as he forgot his producer.
He got a couple of awards and money came along with them but never paid his dues; this is what Araffath tells his friends.
Now, in a retaliate move, Araffath has sworn to make Dice the leading rapper in the country to surpass Jericho’s heights at the expense of J-Twiz. Araffath, according to the connect, says Jericho has been playing hide-and-sick since he got his Namas prize money. He hasn’t even paid his studio dues!
And that’s just what is being said on the streets.