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Alaska drops demo

by Linekela Halwoodi


the young and vibrant group, Alaska Fresh, started off as a dance group before they ventured into the music industry as an independent kwaito and hikwa music group.
They hail from Ongwediva and traded in the northern side for a larger fan-base. The lads; Angwena Petrus, Emvula Nalitangwe, Mentos Muunda, Nenkavu Benjamin, Tuafeni Malangu and Benson Shilongo make up the group of vocalists, dancers and song writers whom apart from being musicians, are full-time students.
They have endured a lot; from operating under scheming managers to making deals of unpromising shows.
“We once travelled 400km to Rundu to perform at a show, only for it to be stopped by the police before we could perform. A producer also once sold our beats. That was very disappointing,” Petrus says.
The group has learnt from the hardships early in their career and are now getting guidance from some of the most successful local artists like Mushe and Omsaane Niihana who assist with the compilation of their upcoming demo.
This is a whole new different level of music for them, yet they reveal they are only in it for the fun besides the hopes of making money while offering something different to local music lovers.
The group is very entertaining because they can dance and provide entertainment off the Mic.
This demo is strictly dance-oriented, although they also give a hint of motivation to other upcoming artists who are discouraged by misfortunes in of the industry.
Some of the songs on the new demo are ‘Never give up’, ‘Soldiers’, ‘Tapiwa’, ‘Hommies’, ‘Nena’ and ‘My favourite lecture’, with Omsaane Niihana.
“‘Soldiers’ is about being positive like a soldier,” Petrus says.
Like most male artists, they have a song about a deceitful girl; ‘Tapiwa’, which is based on a true story of a girl who wanted to be affiliated with them for fame and money.
Their demo’s so damn good, it sold out at the Ongwediva Trade Fair last year.
They are currently not signed to any record label and have decided to stay self-managed, given their past experiences, which they say will be the case till further notice despite the offers on the table.