Killer sergeant whips rival to death

the family of the wife of the Katima Mulilo NamPol officer, Raphael Ilukena, who killed a Zambian man last month, says she had always wanted to leave him but he did not allow her.
Ilukena, who will appear again in court on the 23rd of this month, tracked down Christopher Chisanga whom he suspected of having a romantic relationship with his wife, Thelma Mukwalabela.
When he caught up with Chisanga, Ilukena handcuffed and then kidnapped him before whipping him to death in Mukwalabela’s presence.
Mukwalabela says their marriage was affected by the accident they had in 2004 when her husband hit a cow with a police van.
She further says her life changed when she suffered memory losses and Ilukena, who is understood to have shot a man in Wanaheda a few years ago after he had suspected him of stealing his mobile phone, started shunning her in bed.
“I suffered and still suffer as the result of that accident. Things have never been the same in our marriage since then,” said Mukwalabela.
Her elder sister, Rachel Mukenani, who has been taking care of Mukwalabela since the accident, says Ilukena refused to divorce her sister despite their problems.
‘’He refused to let her move on with her life, as much as he was enjoying his. He kept threatening her. He has psychologically abused her since the accident and my sister has suffered a lot,” said Mukenani.  
Mukwalabela said she will relate her story and how she suffered at the hands of her husband over the years when she goes to court this month.