NamPower donates data storages systems



Data storage systems estimated at N$500 000 was donated to the University of Namibia (Unam) and Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) last week by NamPower.
“The University of Namibia and the Polytechnic of Namibia are Government institutions and so is NamPower. We needed to support each other as strategic partners in the development of the education sector wherever we can. NamPower identified them as ‘needy institutions with the necessary capacities to effectively utilise the systems’. We could not give them to a school as they do not have the space, power or skills to operate such systems,” said managing director of NamPower, Paulinus Shilamba.
The data storage systems that have a combined capacity of around 50 Terabytes are old systems that have been used by NamPower for years but are no longer suitable to its environment. However, they will add real value to the technological operation of the two institutions.
Shilamba pointed out that the fact that NamPower is an electricity supplier, it needs to keep abreast with new technology relating to their business, thus they needed to create space for new systems by discarding the old ones. This will allow the company to remain efficient and maintain a competitive edge.
“In our quest to remain on the cutting edge of technology, NamPower recently upgraded its systems with newer data storage systems. The old system was no longer suitable for our environment as it could no longer be used for “live” corporate data. These systems, which can also be referred to as ‘disks’ are used by big companies and institutions to store amounts of data. However, the fact that the systems are no longer compatible with our environment does not mean they are obsolete. They are still in very good condition and can be of good use elsewhere,” he pointed out.
The representatives of the respective institutions apart from extending their gratitude to NamPower, took that opportunity to urge more companies to do the same in order to empower the local educational system, with the director of IT department at Unam, Uushona Nabot, saying, “More corporate institutions should also think of sponsoring the education system as it is important for the development of the country.”
“We appreciate the donation, they are not just pieces of equipment but are very valuable systems that will add value to the institution,” director for computer services at PoN, Laurent Evrard, said.