Maszanga steals Moola Mobile



Upcoming music trio, Maszanga, left the crowd yearning for more last Saturday night with a performance that will remain fresh in the minds of the 1500 strong crowd that had attended the Moola Mobile show, at Zoo Park.
Originally from Otjiwarongo, the youthful trio took to the stage with electrifying dance moves, shortly after S-Man had performed.
Judging by the crowd’s response after their performance of ‘Nale’, it was clear that that had to be the song of the night. In an event that saw the who’s who of Namibia’s music industry, Maszanga also proved to the best of us, critics, that they are capable of competing with anyone on any platform in Namibia.
From Jericho, Exit, PDK, Tura Horns, The Dogg to Mushe, the night was well warmed up for the music aficionados who ignored the freezing temperatures of the night.
As ever, PDK was evergreen and so were Exit and Tura Horns, but truth be told, it proved to be a Maszanga night; fans wondered where they have been hiding all along.
Performances by the (over 10) artists were overwhelming; fans ran to the dance floor and stage at the sound of their favourite songs.
As sooner as Quido and Jericho stepped onto the stage, they were met by excited group of girls who ran to hug them.
The show was attended by the young, the old and the physically disabled. One of the people who had received free T-shirts was a young crippled man who got the auto prompter’s attention when he started dancing to kwasa and hip hop songs.
Tura Horns gave a great performance, which attracted young boys to the mini dance floor to go dance their Oviritje moves. Chipolopolo entertained the Yaziza fans with his ‘My new Item’ song.
But as always, the Equipped Dance Academy blew away the crowd with their themed (‘Sarafina’ the movie)’s dance moves. They ended their performance with a prayer dance for all the fallen heroes of the Namibian music industry and had the crowd going wilder when they threw money into the little dance floor.
As if that wasn’t enough hype, all the seats became empty when the Pakamish crew went onto the stage to give some ‘3545 love’ to their long-awaiting fans who had indeed wore their dancing shoes. S-Man also attracted the Afrikaans music fans, who had gone to support his new hip hop song.
Boss Madam Sally, was on fire as always, performing songs from her new album; ‘Courage’ - she was the most entertaining female performer. She got into a dance-off with a fan to show off her new kwasa moves.
Catty Cat and Slammer took to the stage, right before Dixon and Jericho. Dixon also performed alongside the Twazis.
High riding PDK’s performed the fan favourites from ‘Moko’ and could have gotten a standing ovation for their dance moves.
The Dogg looked very fresh and sent his ‘Mshasho Army’ into a new world of ‘Deception’, taking tracks such as ‘Tromentos’ as well as a teaser of his soon-to-come album. It sounded proper!
Mushe and Sandra Blak shared the stage, also with an outstanding performance, before Exit closed off the night’s performances by ‘taking us to Malawi’ in style.
The Moola Mobile show is an annual mahala show where they give away free phones, T-shirts, caps and free music CDs.
Although the 2012 Winter Mahala Show went to Maszanga, the competition has just begun.