Snitching laughs

<img alt="\"\"" src="%5C" _cke_saved_src="\"files/images/helouise.jpg\"" style="\"width:" 150px;="" height:="" 196px;\"=""></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> it’s very evident that comedy is currently the fastest growing form of entertainment Namibia has seen thus far with local music dying slowly but surely.  <br> Everybody’s favourite female comedian tells us about herself and how she started as a comedian.<br> Growing up, 24-year-old Helouise Goraseb (stage name, Weezel the Snitch) was always the centre of attention.<br> She was always happy and always full of jokes. But never did she imagine that she would take up making people laugh as a career.<br> Her big break came last year when she got an opportunity at Unam to do stand-up comedy at an event.<br> Luckily for her, Slick the Dick (co-founder of the Free your Mind stand-up comedy) was among the panel of judges at the event.<br> As fate would have it, Slick approached her and asked her to try out her luck at Free your Mind.<br> Weezel first performed for Free Your Mind last July at its third anniversary since the theme was a-ladies-only affair.<br> Being the outstanding comedian that she is, Weezel has since made a name for herself through her style of comedy and topics that inspire her performances.<br> However, she says that there is nothing that she would not joke about as everything has a humorous side to it.<br> Weezel is looking into tapping topics she hasn’t joked about before like politics and religion.<br> She laughs at the memories of her best joke ever, which was about local singers - Tate Buti, Stephan Ludik and Gal Level’s songs.<br> “I write my jokes on interesting things. I don’t necessarily aim to make people laugh but they always laugh, so that’s a bonus,” she says.<br> She adds that being a comedian is not easy. People think that doing comedy is as easy as getting up and going on stage to crack jokes. It takes a lot of practise and thorough research.<br> Does being a comedian in Namibia pay?<br> “If you love what you do, money is usually the last thing on your mind.<br> “Your focus becomes doing the best for those who appreciate and love what you do. So it’s not always about the money.”<br> Weezel the Snitch would also like to encourage anybody who has the same dream as her not to shy away but to leave their dream, “Especially the ladies, let’s do this and take Namibian comedy to greater heights.”</p> <p></p>